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About Us

Online teaching is our game

DTIA began with the idea of teaching and learning remotely back in 2012. At this point internet connectivity was still developing and most schools and households who could afford it, worked without Wi-Fi. Founder and CEO, Danie Boneschans researched many ways to develop a sort of online program that could help learners learn additional languages via an online or interactive program of sorts. And so the journey to remote learning and online teaching slowly became a reality. 

In the beginning, parents and teachers were sceptical about the idea of using a computer to interact with learners. What about the social aspect and human interaction were amongst the many concerns. Although these are real things to worry about, DTIA, formerly known as DanieTeach, wanted to focus on how to get learners engaged again in their own learning, without taking away the valuable social interaction we as humans still need. 


Today we host more than 100 learners in our various online courses and have made valuable connections with teachers who are specialists in their subject field. We connect learners of all ages with teachers of all backgrounds which makes our courses unique. Our small online classes can accommodate up to 6 learners and individual attention is given to each. Our community of teachers understands the value in personally getting in touch with parents and to guide our future generations with positivity and clarity. 

We welcome all who would like to join our family and encourage each and every one to take responsibility for their learning. Become an active online learner and be the change you wish to see in the world. 

Meet Our Team

From Afrikaans to Mechanics, we've got you covered. Our team of specialised teachers have over 30+ years experience in both subject fields and online education. 


Danie Boneschans

DTIA Founder and CEO

Danie completed his BA in Audiovisual Production Management and thereafter his PGCE at the University of Johannesburg. He founded and registered DanieTeach PTY Ltd in 2014 and has since been growing his business with the aim to participate in and contribute to a global education revolution. Danie has been teaching Afrikaans for 13 years, 5 of which online distance teaching along with his self-developed Afrikaans program proving to be a successful contribution to the world of online education.


Beantha Pretorius

Operations Manager | Tutor

Beantha completed her high school career as a private distance learning student with a passion for teaching. She has built up solid experience in home school environments, au pairing and teaching children from as little as 6 years of age. Beantha has been employed by DT International Academy since January 2021 and assists with admin, enrolments, communication, finances and teaching Afrikaans, English, Mathematics and Sciences from years 1 - 9.

Barbara Williamson.jpg

Barbara Williamson

 EZ Learn

Since 2001 Barbara has made the teaching and learning of commercial subjects easy, relevant and fun. Her small classes allow for the learner to engage in the lessons, feeling heard and supported.

EZ Lessons, online EZ Classrooms and EZ Learning and Revision guides are available for IEB / CAPS and Cambridge Accounting, Business Studies and Economics.

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Catherine Cuff


Catherine is an expert in guiding and developing students young and old. From tutoring subjects like Mathematics and Science, to learning how to learn, I put the skills learnt through experience and my qualifications in special educational needs into developing programmes that enhance the capabilities of my students and my tutors.

Digitutors also provides quality education in Computer Sciences and Information Technology. 


Stephanie Klarmann

Specialised Tutoring Services

Stephanie has completed her PhD in Conservation Psychology through the University of Johannesburg. She has been teaching IGCSE, AS and A level English to students since 2013. As a professional photographer, she has an eye for storytelling and the combination of her qualifications makes her stand out above the rest. 

tabby-teaching-6 (1).jpg

Tabby Mittins


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