DT Hubs

The DT Hubs are location based venues that provides communities with an alternative education option. With one resident qualified teacher, students get to work on their online Cambridge Int. curricula while being assisted by their teacher.

Our Carlswald Hub (Midrand) is currently accommodating 8 learners under the facilitation of Karin Labuschagne, a previous permanently employed teacher from Reddam House Waterfall and Sagewood (Now Curro, Sagewood Campus). Karin makes use Google Classroom to schedule, monitor, mark and assess her learners, while integrating daily lessons with real-life applications and weekly field trips.

Our Bluehills Hub and Bridle Pass Hub starts in January 2020. For more information, please email info@danieteach.com or call Danie +27 76 090 1016.

We only allow 6 - 8 students per hub per teacher and the higher the demand, the more hubs in various locations we will open.

With little focus on formal assessments in the lower stages, we allow students to learn at their own pace, without any pressure from their peers. However, there is an element of assessment that will be done in order to keep track of students' progress. Formal assessments will become more important from the checkpoint phases onwards (Cambridge Curriculum) which will be Stage 7, 8 and 9 in order to be fully prepared for the IGCSE, AS and A level external examinations, while we will apply a similar approach to the CAPS curriculum.

The DT Hubs are not traditional schools. The concept leans more towards a type of micro-learning environment. We offer a very relaxed, learner driven educational environment. The magic that we create is a combination of teacher, learner, parent and we all work as a team together to create that which the learner needs in order to participate in "the world out there".

Each hub will have its own culture, feel and identity. Because we make use of online curriculums, school attendance is optional right throughout the year as students will be able to also complete tasks, watch tutorials and listen to instructions at home or anywhere else while they might be traveling with parents for various reasons.

Home schooling / micro learning has been around for a long time. All we are doing is creating a platform to educate children and allowing learners to have a say in their destiny. Not every parent has the time to teach their own kids. Not all parents have the ways and the means to do so. The DT hubs do.

With experienced teachers and facilitators using curriculum accredited content and external assessments, we cut out the middle man and offer you an opportunity to help prepare your child for their future.

For more information with regards to the law on home schooling, please follow the links at the bottom of this page to make an informed decision.

Besides the 4 main subjects that we offer, we also allow your child to choose from a variety of additional curriculums every term. These curriculums are easy accessible through platforms such as Udimy, DOT and many more. These additional curriculums will be an additional cost (depending on the course content and depth), but it is completely optional. They offer a variety of skills based outcomes and there is no limit to how many a student wants to enrol for.

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Extended Curricula:

In addition to the 4 subjects mention above, students has the option to choose between a variety of additional subjects:

These additional subjects we outsource from different places on the internet and pricing may vary depending on course outcomes. Click on each image to learn more.









Links to more info with regards to homeschooling and the law and curriculum information

Frequently asked questions:

Q: How may days a week will my child attend the hub?

A: The timetable allows for students to attend the hub from Monday - Friday. Fridays we will allocated occasionally to field trips and enrichment activities.

Q: What happens if we want to travel in the middle of a term?

A: This is no problem at all as all the work will always be scheduled and sent online. Students who are absent for a longer than usual period of time, can continue completing and submitting their work online for marking.

Q: Will my child be able to slot back into a normal school if I would choose to do so?

A: Yes. Students will follow the stage (grade) according to their age.

Q: Do you offer sibling discount?

A: Yes we do. We offer a 5% discount if 2 children enrol and a 10 % discount if 3 siblings enrol. These discounts only count for attendance fees. With regards to curriculums, it is subject to the curriculum providers decision.

Q: How will your terms work?

A: We are looking to keep the summer and winter holidays similar to: 1 December - Middle January; Middle June to Middle July. With March/April and September/October shorter midterm breaks. However, with the nature of the online curriculums and learner support, students are able to continue their education online at home.

For any more questions or queries, please send us an email at info@danieteach.com