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  • How can I register for Cambridge exams?
    To register for the Cambridge International Examination series follow these steps: 1. Respective tutors provide the relevant codes for students to apply for their exams through the British Council as private candidates. 2. Navigate to this link: and check the deadlines for registrations. 3. The follow this link and complete your registration: 4. Double check subject codes with teachers before registering for subjects.
  • What is the examination registration and cancellation process?
    Follow this link and navigate to the bottom of the page to view the refund policy.
  • Can I take an internal examination through DT International Academy?
    Yes. We offer private candidates the opportunity to write their examinations internally. These examinations are set, moderated and marked by professional and qualified educators in the relevant subject field. DTIA will issue a report with the results and these reports can be used for applying provisionally for universities. However, we strongly advise you to complete your IGCSE, AS and A level examinations through British Council.
  • How many subjects should a student study and what subjects are compulsory?
    We recommend that students take 6 Subjects. Compulsory subjects are English and Maths and a second language.
  • What equipment do students need to study online?
    Student are required to have access to the internet and either a pc or desktop.
  • Where do we find the prescribed textbooks?
    Respective tutors will send an email upon enrolment with the textbooks needed for their course.
  • What is the difference between the 30 and 15 week courses?
    The 15 or 18 week courses give students the opportunity to prepare for the upcoming exams in a shorter more concentrated time frame. While the 30 or 36 week courses provides students the opportunity to work through the course content over a longer period of time.
  • Can a student enter for only one or two subjects?
    Yes, a student may take a course for only one subject. However, depending on when the student plan to write their examination, all courses should be completed within the two-sitting rule.
  • Is DT International Academy a Cambridge-accredited school?
    DT International Academy is a distance learning service provider that follows the Cambridge curriculum closely. Our learners write their exams as private candidates at accredited CIE exam centres. Accreditation is not a requirement to provide the Cambridge curriculum. Being accredited by CIE is more often the direction taken by mainstream, traditional schools who have switched to the Cambridge curriculum.
  • How many students are in a lesson?
    We limit lessons to six students in a class.
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