Afrikaans & isiZulu: 10 Month Enrolment Options


10 Month Period including *Hangouts

(Enrolments from Jan - March; thereafter, prorated)

  • Level 1 : R 6250.00 (R 625.00 p/m)
  • Level 2 : R 6250.00 (R 625.00 p/m)
  • Level 3 : R 6250.00 (R 625.00 p/m)
  • Level 4 : R 6875.00 (R 687.50 p/m)
  • Level 5 : R 6875.00 (R 687.50 p/m)
  • Level 6 : R 6875.00 (R 687.50 p/m)
  • Level 7 : R 7420.00 (R 742.00 p/m)
  • Level 8 : R 7420.00 (R 742.00 p/m)
  • Level 9 / 10 (IGSCE) : R 7420.00 (R 742.00 p/m)
  • Level 11 (AS) : R 7960.00 (R 796.00 p/m)

What is included:

      • Your own personal online teacher
      • Scheduling and marking of assignments and activities
      • Class content (Includes Online Assessments and pre-recorded lessons)
      • Scheduled tasks and homework.
      • 20 Hangout sessions (Hangouts can be topped up at R250.00 per 30min lesson) if subscription has not yet ended.


10 Month Period excluding *Hangouts

  • Level 1 : R 1650.00
  • Level 2 : R 1650.00
  • Level 3 : R 1650.00
  • Level 4 : R 2025.00
  • Level 5 : R 2025.00
  • Level 6 : R 2025.00
  • Level 7 : R 2350.00
  • Level 8 : R 2350.00
  • Level 9 / 10 (IGSCE) : R 2350.00
  • Level 11 (AS) : R 2675.00

What is included:

      • Scheduling and marking of assignments and activities
      • Online teacher assistance via email
      • Class content (Includes Online Assessments and pre-recorded lessons)


Option 2: Hangouts Only

What is Hangouts?

It is like a video call lesson - We use a two-way document, in other words, both student and teacher can type in real time on the same document. It's similar to Skype, but more educator friendly.

Watch this video for a better understanding:


R250.00 per 30min hangout session.

Please note:

If a student cancels less than 3hours before the scheduled lesson, the lesson will still be charged for.


Some Questions answered:

How Google Hangouts work:

How many times a week does the student ‘attend’ a class?

The Hangout sessions can be scheduled on a weekly / monthly basis and are also dependent on everyone's schedule and availability.

How does a student interact with the teacher – is it ever a ‘live’ lesson?

The hangouts are live yes, but the online work that we schedule we can communicate via email. We usually respond to queries within a day or two, if we did not see the student for a live hangout session in the meantime.

How is the course work presented/given to the student and how are assignments submitted for marking – all online and if so how would his conversational/speaking/pronunciation be assessed?

It is all stored, shared and submitted via Google Drive. We also mark and submit back on the document itself. Verbal communication skills are tested within the scheduled content where assigned and student can record their speech/presentation and send via email, WhatsApp, Drive, etc.

Are there any other textbooks/workbooks needed or is your course all inclusive?

We add literary work which we will only start in the higher levels.

How does a parent receive feedback on the child’s progress?

Parents can join as guardians on the relevant Google Classroom or alternatively we make use of a parent's Gmail account instead of a child's Gmail account. This enables both student and parent to be fully part of the journey.

Additional fields of learning


In this field of learning we explore our awareness through a number of practical everyday application methods.

Included in this course is:

  • Breathing
  • Accepting
  • Respond instead of react
  • Morality
  • Meditation
  • Relaxation


Whether it is a picnic in the park or a day trip to the outskirts of Johannesburg, we offer opportunities for students to discover and explore the outdoors.

Options includes:

    • 1, 2 or 3 night stay at Soetdoring Gasteplaas and camping sites
    • Facilitated by professional educators, the outdoor activities cover a range of physical and mental excitement to keep the kids entertained. Students get to go on a hike in the Magaliesburg mountains, visit nearby tourist attractions and learn about the environment and how to preserve it. Read more here.

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