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DT Online® in collaboration with Google Classroom and DanieTeach, provide curriculum aligned content to anyone who wants to learn.

Weekly scheduled tasks assist learners to plan ahead and submit tasks electronically for marking.

Class based teaching made practical and adaptable.

Parents can access, assist and revise with their children.

Distance learning students are in control of their own learning; anywhere and anytime.

Learn to truly listen and not only hear, communicate and not only talk, read and not only repeat.

Critical thinking and application skills develop

along with contributing to

your own unique future.

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The DT Hubs® are location based venues that provides communities with an alternative education option.

Using our accredited online curricula, the resident teacher works closely alongside the student's personal online teacher through their Cambridge Int. curricula.

Current spaces available:

Carlswald Hub (Midrand): 1 space available

Bluehills Hub (Midrand): 3 spaces available

Bridle pass Hub (Kayalami): 6 spaces available

The DT Hubs are not traditional schools. The concept leans more towards a type of micro-learning environment. We offer a very relaxed, learner driven educational environment.

The magic that we create is a combination of teacher, learner, parent to form a co-parenting environment.

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Participating in and contributing to a global education revolution.


Providing skills-based education to anyone, anywhere.

"Hi Karin, I just want to let you know of a conversation I had with Nic yesterday after school. I asked them how their day was and Nic said it was fantastic! He continued to state that he is going to this new school which is the best!"

Katie Cremer, Carlswald Hub

"Working with you, Amy's attitude towards Afrikaans as a subject has changed from negative to positive. She came out of her final examination smiling and happy! Thank you!"

Distance learning student, Amy Allan (18)

"We are definitely staying at the Carlswald Hub, Jorja has never been happier"

Verna Morrisson, Carlswald Hub

"Peta phoned me this afternoon so excited about her lesson with you and said that you are an absolute life saver to her with her AfrikaansJ! You seem to be filling in missing puzzle pieces for her. Thank you so much for being prepared to help out at such short notice and just pull out all stops possible to help her. I think you may be my life saver as well!"

Robyn Conroy, mom of 3