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Danie Boneschans

Danie Boneschans
Founder & CEO

"Embrace a dynamic learning journey at the DTIA Cloud Learning Centre, where we empower students to excel in their primary and high school studies from anywhere in the world."

About Us

At DT International Academy, we offer parents a unique opportunity to get their child taught by passionate teachers. As a cloud learning centre, we have been teaching students from all over the world since 2014, providing quality education in Afrikaans, English, Mathematics, Science, Music and more for all ages to help them reach their educational goals.

Whether your child is taking IGCSEs, A-levels or IEB examinations, our wide network of experienced and professional teachers can provide them with tailored lesson plans catered to their individual needs and objectives. We have a team of friendly support staff on hand who can answer questions you have and help you get the most out of our services.

What we offer

Live Lessons

Discover our diverse selection of courses expertly aligned with the prestigious Cambridge International curriculum. You have the option to pursue private examinations through the British Council, ensuring a comprehensive and accredited learning experience. Explore our courses now!

Resources & Support

Our cutting-edge web-apps are meticulously designed for seamless integration with any curriculum, whether it's for school or home-based learning. Enjoy effortless compatibility with popular Learning Management Systems (LMS's) like Teams, Google Classroom, and Claned. Elevate your learning experience today!

Jess shining bright on the tennis court while achieving outstanding AS Level results!

"With their flexible approach, you can shape your educational path with ease. Join them and unlock a world of possibilities in online education." 
- Jessica (18)

"Working with you, Amy's attitude towards Afrikaans as a subject has changed from negative to positive. She came out of her final examination smiling and happy! Thank you!"

Amy Allen

Our commitment to community support is at the core of our values. Since our inception, we have proudly partnered with Hearts of Hope, a children's home in Johannesburg. We continuously strive to make a positive impact in any way we can.

In 2015, we took a significant step by launching our dedicated venue space on their premises. The proceeds from this endeavour have consistently benefited Hearts of Hope. We then moved our tutoring online and since then have been motivating our students and parents to continue support Hearts of Hope in anyway possible. 

We encourage you to express your support for this noble cause by visiting Hearts of Hope's website. Explore their daily needs and consider making even the smallest contribution. Every act of kindness, no matter how modest, is invaluable in making a difference. Thank you for joining us in this meaningful endeavor.

Our strength lies not only in our network of experienced and qualified teachers but also in our strategic partnerships with other leading online learning centers and tutoring services. This collaboration expands our already extensive network, giving us access to a diverse pool of educators who can cater to the unique needs of every student. With this combined expertise, we are well-equipped to provide comprehensive support to learners of all backgrounds and requirements.

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Eastern Cape, South Africa

Gauteng, South Africa

(Danie) +27 76 090 1016

+27 84 705 7210 (Beantha)

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