Dt online




Participating in and contributing to a global education revolution.


Providing skills-based education to anyone, anywhere.

DT Online® in collaboration with Google Classroom, provide curriculum aligned content to anyone who wants to learn.

Weekly scheduled tasks assist learners to plan ahead and submit tasks electronically for marking.

Class based teaching made practical and adaptable.

Parents can access, assist and revise with their children.

Distance learning students are in control of their own learning; anywhere and anytime.

Learn to truly listen and not only hear, communicate and not only talk, read and not only repeat.

Critical thinking and application skills develop

along with contributing to

your own unique future.

How to get started

1. Choose the option suitable for your needs.

2. Browse the content of your chosen option.

3. Fill out a form to receive a quote.

Or send us an email at info@danieteach.com

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Option A

With each subscription, students receive access to their relevant content no matter where they are.

Students can revisit online tutorials, listen to audio guidance and redo tasks as often as they want at school or at home.

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Options B, C and D

This option offers a comprehensive course with fully qualified online teachers to assist, provide weekly planning and marking of tasks.

Choose between Hangouts only, Work Schedule only or both. Perfect for homeschoolers.

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