Danieteach online


Our vision:

To participate in and contribute to a global education revolution. To continue to evolve with technology and the educational demands from current and future learners and teachers.

Our mission:

To continue to develop and provide outcomes based online language content to an international market to support an ongoing evolution in the education industry.

To develop and contribute to future generations where technology can be incorporated positively in all environments. Providing tools via our teaching that can successfully sustain and support learners throughout their school career and beyond.

What to expect:

A platform that provides curriculum aligned content with the focus on the following outcomes: listening, speaking, reading critical thinking and application.

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How to get started

1. Click the option suitable for your needs.

2. Browse the content of your chosen option.

3. Fill out a form to receive a quote.

With each subscription, students receive access to their relevant content no matter where they are.

Students can revisit online tutorials, listen to audio guidance and redo tasks as often as they want at school or at home.

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This option offers a comprehensive course with fully qualified online teachers to assist, provide weekly planning and marking of tasks.

We are there for you every step of the way no matter where you stay.

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Call us: +27 76 090 1016